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Guest Column – Dan Eisenhauer Partner – Express Wash Concepts

by | May 26, 2021

A Caring Culture
Growing up in Kettering in the 70’s with my parents and 3 older sisters was truly a blessing. We had a nice home, food each day, clothes and all the necessities of life. We even took our wood grained paneled station wagon out west on a 2-week family vacation that will ever be engrained in my mind. (Someone should make a movie about that…). We really were very fortunate!
Yet as a young boy, I had little idea what else was going on in other parts of the Miami Valley, let alone around the word until my Dad started taking me with him to deliver food and gifts to people in need around the area during Christmas time. I never really knew how he connected with these families, but just that they were down on their luck, needed assistance and very much appreciated everything we were able to do for them. It was then that I realized how fortunate we truly were and that caring for others needed to be part of our daily lives.
Those childhood memories and lessons stuck with me through high school and college where I tried to continue those good deeds by organizing or participating in fundraisers and charity events throughout the years, with special attention to those in need around the holidays. With my Dad having passed away nearly 20 years ago now, I often think back on all of the special times we had together, the caring lessons he taught us all and how I try to carry those forward today.
Little did I know that getting into the car wash business several years ago would create the perfect opportunity to help and care for others, but it has definitely done just that! A day doesn’t go by when we aren’t fundraising for a special organization in need, hiring someone that could use a fresh start or just trying to make our customer’s days a little bit nicer with a wave and caring smile. This truly has been a blessing to be in a position to help others and has created a caring culture we are very fortunate for.
A touching example of this came earlier this month when of our managers, Hayden, and his wife had a premature baby, Easton Thomas, that was struggling to eat and gain weight. When news of this circulated throughout the company, the outpouring of support was amazing! Cards, flowers, notes, texts and calls all flowed to the family. Ten days later, I was so relieved when Hayden texted that the feeding tube was removed, Easton was feeding on his own “like a champ”, his blood sugars were up and they were able to take him home! Very relieved and excited for them!
The continuation of this caring culture through the organization of our fundraising campaigns can be squarely credited to our marketing team that has done an amazing job partnering with organizations locally, regionally and nationally to help those in need. Our recent air freshener fundraiser campaign was a huge success for several local organizations and as a company overall, we’re proud to say we’ve donated over $103,500 to worthy causes in Q1 of 2021!
When contemplating how to inspire and lead our teams, I often think back on those days as a child and the values we worked hard to embrace. When doing so, three things often come to mind: Care, Work Hard & Have Fun! Keeping this top of mind as we go about our busy lives has served us well in creating the caring culture we value and continue to work hard to develop and grow.
In a world with lots of change and uncertainty, here’s hoping a message of care will resonate and serve us all well..
Dan Eisenhauer
Partner – Express Wash Concepts
13375 National Rd. SW, Suite D
Reynoldsburg, OH 43068